Multiday Nicaragua Tours

Cultural Adventure and Solidarity


Nicaragua Cultural Adventure

- Exciting climb to Cerro Negro volcano with amazing scenic sunset from top - Visits to rustic small workshops - Discover a tiny mining town between the mountains / 19th century techniques - Delightful trip through Rio San Juan and the peerless Ometepe Island - Pleasant visit to Granada, historical and well conserved colonial city.
15 days (Guided) Price $1699 pp Cultural Adventure Read more

Rural Life and Solidarity

- Discover Rama ethnic tribe’s life - “Blue Energy” sustainable project in Bluefields - Meet women’s co-operative of Mombacho volcano - Observe sea turtles nesting or hatching on “La Flor” ocean Pacific turtle beach - Participate to eco-protection by cleaning protected Ostional beaches
14 days (Guided) Price $2115 pp Cultural Adventure Read more

Eco-Tourism / Agro-Tourism


The Green Gold

Lush Mountain exploration Organic coffee farms Community visits Agri-tourism activities Ecological and social initiatives
7 days (Guided) Price $1115 pp Eco-Tourism Read more

Trekking, Hikking and Culture


Treks, Volcanoes and Lagoons

-Intensive 4-day trek -Climbing stunning volcanoes (lava, gases emanations and cloud forest) -Discovering Nicaragua through its colonial cities -Tasting local gastronomy -Sports and Outdoors
13 days (Guided) Price $1500 pp Trek & Volcanoes (Medium) Read more

Horseback Riding Expeditions


From Swamps to Beaches and Volcanoes

Horseback riding through different ecosystems Traditional ranch activities Bathe in lake and sea shores Stunning Ometepe Island, volcanoes and petroghlyphs Granada Colonial city
14 days (Guided) Price $2553 pp Horse Riding (Medium) Read more

Multiactivity and Family Tours


From Cloud forest to Sunny Pinewoods

- Thrilling descent on black lava in Cerro Negro volcano. - Observe turtles nesting on the beach at sunset. - Bike and Kayak tour into jungle and a water labyrinth of Granada Islets. - Discover the stunning Ometepe Island composed of two volcanoes. - Participate to sustainable development and responsible tourism.
15 days (Guided) Price $1692 pp Multiactivity (Advanced) Read more

Costa Rica and Nicaragua: Actives adventures

Relax in sauna and thermal waters in the middle of jungle Horse ride between geysers & volcanic mud pots Discover sea turtles reproduction in their environment Zip-line above Concepción volcano Swim into Apoyo crater lagoon clear waters
15 days (Guided) Price $1923 pp Families Read more

Ciclo-Tourism and MTB


Nicaragua by Bicycle

Multiples landscapes and ecosystems: lakes, volcanoes, oceanic beaches, colonial cities and towns. Cycling ascents to enjoy a breath-taking view of Masaya Volcano. Crossing “The white towns” and a crater´s lagoon. Explore ancient colonial city of Granada and Asese peninsula with its countless islands. Stroll along the wildlife refuge Chacocente
12 days (AutoTour) Price $1157 pp Cycling (Medium) Read more


OwnerWhether it be an expedition into nature or to the “Wild West”, with its cowboys and gold-seekers or with Indians from the Caribbean coast. Whether it be short strolls or long expeditions, by canoe, on foot or on horseback. Whether it be meeting people in a homestay or in a quaint hotel, our Franco-Nicaraguan team will organize your stay in response to all your expectations! Go and find out about a country’s human dimension and be part of a responsible and sustainable form of tourism! Enjoy our section multiday Nicaragua & Costa Rica tours. See you soon! Laurent Richardier – Director/Guide

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