Multiday Nicaragua Tours

Cultural Adventure and Solidarity


Nicaragua Cultural Adventure

- Exciting climb to Cerro Negro volcano with amazing scenic sunset from top - Visits to rustic small workshops - Discover a tiny mining town between the mountains / 19th century techniques - Delightful trip through Rio San Juan and the peerless Ometepe Island - Pleasant visit to Granada, historical and well conserved colonial city.
15 days (Guided) Price $1699 pp Cultural Adventure Read more

Rural Life and Solidarity

- Discover Rama ethnic tribe’s life - “Blue Energy” sustainable project in Bluefields - Meet women’s co-operative of Mombacho volcano - Observe sea turtles nesting or hatching on “La Flor” ocean Pacific turtle beach - Participate to eco-protection by cleaning protected Ostional beaches
14 days (Guided) Price $2115 pp Cultural Adventure Read more

Eco-Tourism / Agro-Tourism


The Green Gold

Lush Mountain exploration Organic coffee farms Community visits Agri-tourism activities Ecological and social initiatives
7 days (Guided) Price $1115 pp Eco-Tourism Read more

Trekking, Hikking and Culture


Treks, Volcanoes and Lagoons

-Intensive 4-day trek -Climbing stunning volcanoes (lava, gases emanations and cloud forest) -Discovering Nicaragua through its colonial cities -Tasting local gastronomy -Sports and Outdoors
13 days (Guided) Price $1500 pp Trek & Volcanoes (Medium) Read more

Horseback Riding Expeditions


From Swamps to Beaches & Volcanoes

Horseback riding through different ecosystems Traditional ranch activities Bathe in lake and sea shores Stunning Ometepe Island, volcanoes and petroghlyphs Granada Colonial city
14 days (Guided) Price $2553 pp Horse Riding (Medium) Read more

Multiactivity and Family Tours


From Cloud forest to Sunny Pinewoods

- Thrilling descent on black lava in Cerro Negro volcano. - Observe turtles nesting on the beach at sunset. - Bike and Kayak tour into jungle and a water labyrinth of Granada Islets. - Discover the stunning Ometepe Island composed of two volcanoes. - Participate to sustainable development and responsible tourism.
15 days (Guided) Price $1692 pp Multiactivity (Advanced) Read more

Costa Rica and Nicaragua: Actives adventures

Relax in sauna and thermal waters in the middle of jungle Horse ride between geysers & volcanic mud pots Discover sea turtles reproduction in their environment Zip-line above Concepción volcano Swim into Apoyo crater lagoon clear waters
15 days (Guided) Price $1923 pp Families Read more

Ciclo-Tourism and MTB


Nicaragua by Bicycle

Multiples landscapes and ecosystems: lakes, volcanoes, oceanic beaches, colonial cities and towns. Cycling ascents to enjoy a breath-taking view of Masaya Volcano. Crossing “The white towns” and a crater´s lagoon. Explore ancient colonial city of Granada and Asese peninsula with its countless islands. Stroll along the wildlife refuge Chacocente
12 days (AutoTour) Price $1157 pp Cycling (Medium) Read more


OwnerWhether it be an expedition into nature or to the “Wild West”, with its cowboys and gold-seekers or with Indians from the Caribbean coast. Whether it be short strolls or long expeditions, by canoe, on foot or on horseback. Whether it be meeting people in a homestay or in a quaint hotel, our Franco-Nicaraguan team will organize your stay in response to all your expectations! Go and find out about a country’s human dimension and be part of a responsible and sustainable form of tourism! Enjoy our section multiday Nicaragua & Costa Rica tours. See you soon! Laurent Richardier – Director/Guide

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